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As of December 22, 2023, recruitment has ended for new study participants. If you would like to have your contact information stored for future study opportunities, please provide your information in this survey.
Headshot of Vince Kern

Vince Kern, BS

Project Manager, WeCareAdvisor Study Team

Vince Kern, BS, is a Project Manager for Dr. Helen C. Kales at the University of California Davis. He has helped develop and manage WeCareAdvisor, print and online products for The DICE Approach business development and administration of associated academic and commercialized products for both. He has also held a project management appointment at the University of Michigan working for Dr. Kales prior to her move to UC Davis. Prior to that he worked for several major newspapers as a journalist, newsroom leader and executive and finally operation management and R&D Director at The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, helping move those media into a digital world. He has a passion for storytelling and that led him to a passion for supporting caregivers and non-pharmacological strategies bringing expertise as a technologist, R&D expert and manager to the team. He holds a BS in journalism from Wayne State University in Detroit and is a founding board member of Detroit Greek & Latin, a non-profit organization with a mission of maintaining studies of the classics in urban school systems. As Project Manager, Mr. Kern manages development and maintenance of the WeCareAdvisor tool.

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