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As of December 22, 2023, recruitment has ended for new study participants. If you would like to have your contact information stored for future study opportunities, please provide your information in this survey.
Headshot of Constantine Lyketsos

Constantine (Kostas) Lyketsos, MD

Co-Investigator, WeCareAdvisor Study Team

Dr. Lyketsos serves as Co-Investigator for the WeCareAdvisor study. He conducts translational research involving cohort studies, clinical trials, and biomarker development in the cognitive disorders field, with a special interest in treatment development for neuropsychiatric symptoms in neurodegenerative disease. He has an extensive track record in epidemiologic research and randomized trials involving dementia or prodromes (e.g., MCI, MBI), including case definition, case detection, risk factor studies, and pharmacological management. Several projects involve brain imaging, both MRI and PET, to study mechanisms of disease or develop biomarkers. He has experience in multidisciplinary clinical neuroscience research with investigators in neurology, radiology, neuroscience, nursing, and the NIA intramural program. As Co-Investigator, Dr. Lyketsos provides feedback concerning the study design and measurement selection based on his decades of clinical trialexpertise.

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